The return of image volume is only a part of the COVID recovery and the “new normal” for radiology groups. We anticipate that many aspects of the typical radiology group will be different post-COVID: patient-type mix, payer mix, modality mix, cooperation from hospital IT and credentialing, onsite staffing requirements, stipends, and the ability to invest in AI will all be affected. Make sure that your recovery strategy can accommodate the volatility, as well as the many opportunities, that lies ahead for radiology groups.

As your recovery plans evolve with your local market, consider working with Aligned Imaging, an X-ray-only radiology group aligned to the needs of radiology today. We offer rapid and reliable final X-ray results 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We help radiology groups scale their recovery curve differently by serving as a variable cost extension of your group for the highest volume, lowest economic value studies: X-rays.