Service Offering

  • What are your hours of operation?
    • 8am to 8pm EST, 7 days a week.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    • ED, UC, and STAT ≤ 30 minutes, OP and IP ≤ 2 hours.
  • Why is AIS exclusively focused on X-ray?
    • Maintaining a singular focus on X-ray allows AIS to develop an end-to-end solution that is focused on doing a single thing well – from the hiring of AIS affiliated radiologists to the technology platform that these radiologists leverage to perform their interpretations.
  • Does AIS offer preliminary reads?
    • No, AIS does not offer preliminary reads.
  • How does the AIS service differ from traditional teleradiology?
    • Traditional teleradiology is multi-modality and focused on after-hours coverage for the ED. It is still heavily based on preliminary reads with highly variable demand and thus requires complex staffing. As an X-ray only, 8am to 8pm EST service, our approach is to partner with local radiology groups on a known and committed daily volume to minimize credentialing needs and create a familiarity with the ordering physicians.

Radiologist Hiring

  • What are the main qualifications you look for in hiring radiologists?
    • All AIS affiliated radiologists must be U.S.-based and American Board of Radiology certified. In addition, they must meet a high bar for diagnostic accuracy and definitiveness in their reporting. AIS also assesses for softer skills that we believe are necessary to deliver an excellent service, including their receptivity to performance monitoring and on-going feedback and their passion for diagnostics and patient care.
  • How do you assess for those radiologist qualifications?
    • In addition to the standard phone and in-person interviews, all AIS affiliated radiologists are required to pass a rigorous, multi-hour X-ray quality assessment that was developed with radiologists and treating physicians from leading academic medical centers across the U.S., including Mayo Clinic, Stanford Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital (note: none of these institutions are affiliated with, sponsor, or endorse AIS and its business).
  • Does AIS rely on any foreign-based radiologists or radiologist extenders?
    • No. All AIS affiliated radiologists and customer support team members are U.S.-based.

Quality Assurance

  • What peer review guidelines do you follow?
    • AIS affiliated medical practices align their peer review program with the American College of Radiology’s RADPEER guidelines.
  • What percent of exams are peer reviewed?
    • AIS affiliated medical practices routinely conduct peer review for 3% of all exams. All identified peer reviewed discrepancies are reviewed by one of the Medical Directors, who subsequently reviews the imaging, the initial report, any addendums to the initial report, and the peer review report before following up with the affiliated radiologist to provide non-punitive feedback to facilitate learning.
  • Will we have visibility into the QA process?
    • Yes, AIS is happy to share all policy documents and quality metrics with customers. If there are quality metrics that a customer would like to see, AIS is happy to implement the measurement and reporting of those metrics on a routine basis.

Billing and Contracting

  • How does AIS bill?
    • Customers pay a flat, per-exam fee. The number of views or priors does not change the price.
    • Customers enroll our AIS affiliated radiologists under their TIN for payer billing.
  • Will AIS sign non-solicitation and non-compete agreements?
    • Yes – AIS affiliated medical practices would be happy to.


  • How long does it take to launch the service with AIS?
    • AIS can launch with a new customer within one month of contract signing.
  • Who is responsible for credentialing and payer enrollment?
    • The customer is ultimately responsible for hospital credentialing and payer enrollment, but AIS is committed to reducing the work associated with these two processes as much as possible. Importantly, AIS only staffs the lowest practical number of affiliated radiologists at each customer location to mitigate the credentialing burden. In addition, the AIS operations team assigns a single contact to each customer to support credentialing and payer enrollment, including serving as the interface with the affiliated radiologists to help facilitate an efficient and frustration-free process.
  • How many affiliated radiologists need to be credentialed and payer enrolled?
    • The AIS affiliated radiologist coverage model was designed to ensure a high-quality service while limiting the number of affiliated radiologists who need to be credentialed and payer enrolled. AIS can provide details once there is an understanding of the X-ray coverage and volume needs.
  • Does AIS have an operations center?
    • Yes. The AIS customer service center serves as an extension of the affiliated radiologist team and is the first call for any AIS-related questions. AIS customer service coordinators are available 8am to 8pm EST, 7 days a week, to ensure treating clinicians have timely, frustration-free access to information, and that any clinical, service level, or technical issues are promptly addressed. They can be reached from anywhere by directly calling 833-AIS-XRAY (833-247-9729).
  • Do we have the ability to do consults with AIS affiliated radiologists?
    • Yes. AIS affiliated radiologists are available 8am to 8pm EST, 7 days a week. AIS has a dedicated customer service team that coordinates any consults with AIS affiliated radiologists to ensure the customer or treating physician can get the information they need in a timely manner.
  • Do AIS affiliated radiologists have malpractice coverage?
    • Yes. All AIS affiliated radiologists have malpractice coverage in line with applicable state standards.

Technical Systems and Integration

  • What are the HL7 requirements to ensure an automated workflow?
    • AIS requires a bi-directional HL7 feed (which is usually a replication of the existing PS360/M*Modal HL7 integration). AIS can support receiving all HL7 order messages and filtering to its specific exams, or AIS can receive a filtered feed. Completed HL7 reports can be formatted by customer systems to be consistent with all other customer reports.
  • What PACS and speech recognition systems do the AIS affiliated radiologist use?
    • AIS affiliated radiologists use a hosted eRAD PACS solution and a hosted M*Modal voice recognition system to read X-ray exams.
  • Can AIS customize its reports so they mirror our reports?
    • Yes. AIS uses a bi-directional HL7 feed that allows AIS reports to be seamlessly formatted by your systems to be consistent with all your other reports.
  • Can AIS retrieve historical exams?
    • Yes. AIS can establish automatic retrieval of appropriate historical exams.
  • Does AIS charge for IT integrations?
    • AIS is responsible for AIS IT integration costs, and customers are responsible for any IT integration costs on their side.
  • How do you ensure the IT setup is secure?
    • AIS requires a site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to ensure a secure DICOM and HL7 transfer between AIS and customer systems.