Aligned Imaging Solutions (AIS) is an X-ray-only radiology group aligned to the needs of local radiology groups. Aligned Imaging is led by radiology leaders who acutely understand the value of radiology to the healthcare system combined with the challenges that all radiology groups face across the U.S. 

Radiology is central to the diagnosis, treatment and management of virtually every disease and clinical setting

Getting the diagnosis right the first time is critical to ensuring patients receive the care they deserve. Radiologists are central to the diagnostic process — radiology is a unique specialty that touches nearly every patient and service line across the healthcare system. 

X-ray is a cornerstone of all radiology groups

Over half of all imaging studies are X-ray. As the first imaging diagnostic, referring physicians rely on accurate and timely X-ray reads to inform critical diagnostic and treatment decisions for patients.  

X-ray has become an increasing challenge 

X-ray volumes continue to rise across the U.S. and local radiology groups often face challenges in covering X-ray. Most radiology groups lose money reading X-ray, with reimbursement continuing to decline and practice costs continuing to rise. X-ray, and the never-ending worklist, contributes to radiologist burnout, and accelerated radiologist retirements are making it harder for local groups to staff willing radiologists deeply skilled at reading X-ray.

Radiology groups need a partner aligned with their interests 

AIS was developed by radiology leaders to serve as an aligned partner on X-ray to local radiology groups. AIS offers rapid, reliable, and final X-ray results every day, enabling local groups to address key operational and financial challenges and to focus on subspecialty and other important clinical and non-clinical activities.